Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I should be studying right now...
But I just don't wanna.
So I have decided to blog about the things going through my mind right at this moment!

I am so excited to see this tomorrow!

I have a test in anatomy on the circulatory system.. it runs through my head a lot!

 Soon this will be my outfit everyday
because Logan loves to make my life miserable 

mmmmm Turkey

I want to catch a fish this big...

Well now I am going to watch Harry Potter 6

Friday, November 5, 2010

So its blogging time again...

Here is what has happened these past 3 months!
Best date ever with Dan!
 This is Dan... We do not know how to take a nice picture
This is after our date that consisted of mud fight, water fight, fire and tinfoil dinners
 Trevor hit ashley with a stick
A night of silly faces...
 Trevor, Kate, Ashley
 This was a fun date with Kyle.. four wheeling up in Mantua.. golfing off the mountain!
He is really good at the happy gilmore shot
 Ashley started a water fight
which then turned into a sonyo fight (Brazilian pastries)

Haley was watching us trying to look pretty

Happy Halloween! late