Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well I am here!

Sorry no pictures for a while! 
I am in Ghana! 
My host family is very nice!
I have a toilet!
no running water though
I take bucket showers
I woke up to a rooster today
I get called Obroni by all of the locals.(white person)
I get transported by taxi and tro tro.
I was scared to death the first day.
Now I almost feel at home. almost.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Double decker bus tour!

This is where we are staying, Astor Hostels in Westminster

Well to sum up our first night, I had my first fish n chips in London. pretty good!
Next we went to MAMMA MIA! So fantastic! At the end everyone got up to SING and DANCE to the ending songs! I got the chills it was so awesome..sad I know. But before anyone else stood up there was a 50 year old man dancing by himself. awesome!

We also saw this walking flag

So this will probably be a long post.... but lots of pictures!
On Thursday me and Hannah went on a double decker bus tour around all London!
It was super awesome. If you go to England go on The Original Tour. Best one there is.
First big thing we went to was the Buckingham Palace! We watched the changing of the guard.....sort of boring not going to lie, except for when the marching band came down the street!
HEre is Buckingham Palace!
Next we went to BIG BEN! Just so you guys know, the clock is not Big Ben, its the bell that is Big Ben. Our tour guide made sure everyone knew that multiple times!
 I look GOOD here.. long day!

We also saw Westminster Abbey and The Parliament and London EYE (I thought of the eye from Lord of the Rings... don't judge)

Its the EYE!!!
Then we went on a Jack the Ripper Tour... it was sort of scary. It was creepy when we stood in the places some of the girls were found dead at....
Here is our tour guide, he was really intense.

We then went to St. Pauls Cathedral. First thing me and Hannah did was
"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence a baaaggg."
We also saw where Daniel Radcliff went to school. Awesome. And we saw Gringotts Bank in person, Yes Gringotts Bank.

 Today Hannah and I went to the Natural History Museum.
Jessica and Ashley I have one thing to say.
Yes that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the evolution of humans and horse hooves display.
Sorry no picture of the hooves...

But I do have some of  huge wales!

And this made me think of you Ashpea, this is a store on OXFORD street.
I have never seen so many people squish on the sidewalk. It is just a huge strip of stores.
The store I loved the most was...Primark! 
Everything was so cheap! I got two pairs of shoes for 4 pounds (around six dollars!)
And shirts were 2 pounds! Everything ssooy inexpensive.
But that would be the reason the store had so many people packed in it... I started getting anxiety with all the people.
Anywho time to go to bed!
Ill post again soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We have arrived!!

1. Get to JFK: check
2. Hear someone say cheerio darling! check
3. Sit behind an obnoxiously loud Russian on an overnight flight across the Atlantic: check
(We got complimentary blanket, pillow, toothpaste/brush, eye shades and headphones andlots of movies to watch... which made the obnoxious Russian talking machine seem more bearable)
4. Ride the Underground in London: check5. Get to Astor hostel: check
Pretty cool place to stay? yes ma'am

6. Almost fall down the narrow staircase with my 50pound suitcase in front of a British guy: Check
7. Stay in a room with 12 strangers(Some smelly): check

Doing all of this in 24 hours? Fanditallyastic

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blast off!

Okay, so this is my first time using my blog... please don't judge.
If you cannot tell I am starting this blog because I am going to GHANA! I'll be doing a physical therapy internship there in a hospital in the city Koforidua. I will be staying with a Ghanaian in this house ...I think my dad's worst fear is me getting eaten by one of these

But no worries dad I've watched Crocodile Dundee, I know how to take one of these big guys down.
But before I go to Ghana, Hannah and I are going to London for a week. She went there last year for study abroad so we will be visiting the city she lived in.
This is Hannah, how she loves England.
I will only be gone a month but I will miss these things:


Ericka and Emily