Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh the memories

A list of fun things/qoutes we did for spring break 2010
(We wrote a list of memorable things on a chilis to go box that Haley Jeane found under her bed)


Saw Kobe Bryant

Rode Buffalo Bills

Got lost... a lot

Survived a 4.4 earthquake

Hali touched the fish in China Town

Sword fought with grocery dividers

Stretched on the set of YES MAN

Got naked in the street

Bonfire on the beach

Had boardwalk romances

Spent WAY too much money!

Met cute boys on the freeway

Dodged tumbleweeds

Screamed really loud on rides (especially Laura)

Hali got her mickey balloon

Rob got a picture with a girl with a "Rob" tattoo

Boogy boarded at midnight

Caught rabbits

Met Aladdin

Watched someone get engaged

Went to a sea shell graveyard

Became missionaries in China Town

Got stuck on a roller coaster

Built HUGE sand castles!

Did baptisms for the dead in the Newport Beach Temple

Went house hunting for celebrity cribs

Pyramid on the beach with random people

Squished 6 girls in Hali's car many times

Experienced Hali's wrath

Awesome Quotes:

"Spring Break Oh Ten! Take off your shirt!"

"On a different note, look how many light switches there are!" -Mitch

"Where do you find people with one leg?" -Trevor "In a zoo!" -Haley

"You know you're a true friend when you can pick your friend's butt." -Jessica

"I'm the least experienced in life! Yes!" -Laura

"I've always imagined this is what the celestial kingdom would be like" (About Disneyland) -Katie

"When I put these glasses on its like a whole new world!" -Aladdin

"It's on your birdy!" -Ashley

"Have a six flags day!" -Six Flags Idiot

"Have a mitchin day!" -Mitch

"It looks like they just threw up Trojans all over the wall." -Jessica