Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I should be studying right now...
But I just don't wanna.
So I have decided to blog about the things going through my mind right at this moment!

I am so excited to see this tomorrow!

I have a test in anatomy on the circulatory system.. it runs through my head a lot!

 Soon this will be my outfit everyday
because Logan loves to make my life miserable 

mmmmm Turkey

I want to catch a fish this big...

Well now I am going to watch Harry Potter 6

Friday, November 5, 2010

So its blogging time again...

Here is what has happened these past 3 months!
Best date ever with Dan!
 This is Dan... We do not know how to take a nice picture
This is after our date that consisted of mud fight, water fight, fire and tinfoil dinners
 Trevor hit ashley with a stick
A night of silly faces...
 Trevor, Kate, Ashley
 This was a fun date with Kyle.. four wheeling up in Mantua.. golfing off the mountain!
He is really good at the happy gilmore shot
 Ashley started a water fight
which then turned into a sonyo fight (Brazilian pastries)

Haley was watching us trying to look pretty

Happy Halloween! late

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well... I will start blogging again now

Summer is now over. :(
School has started, but I did do many fun things before summer ended
A big group of us from Logan and Arizona went to Havasupai.. 
12 hour drive
10 mile hike into the Grand Canyon.
3:00 in the morning. Yes 3:00 in the morning
It is a place filled with waterfalls and rivers. 
ITS AWESOME (Google it)
The first three pictures are of the people I was lucky to ride down to Havasupai with.
As you can tell they kept everyone in the car entertained
I love these people
These are the waterfalls that we all jumped off of!

This is where we slept... comfy until it began to rain
This is me and my roommate Ashley... She got hurt jumping off of the waterfalls in the picture above. So we got to helicopter out of the Indian Reservation!
Ah yes, this is 2 of the free roaming dogs at the res. The one on the left hung out with me the night before as I was out searching for my group by myself. I call him Kujo.
Emily went back to Alabama... :)

We then had a girls night out camping. It was me, Chenae, Ashley, Erin, Katie and Laura. Yes we fit 6 girls in a 4 man tent

Then we broke up wood pallets with big rocks. :) very resourceful
We even made our own fire pit!

Next was fishing. I loooove to fish. This guy was caught at First dam. Andrew Ellis helped me catch him
Me, Laura and Haley realized... we each had a box of life cereal. I think its destiny we are roommates. I mean come on we all have the same cereal.
This past Saturday we went to the ReAL game. It was pretty freaking awesome.(Except for the blazing sun)
Me, Shae, Jessica and Laura all went to the ReAL game and sat 5th row. FUN
After the ReAL game we all went to Kevin and Bri's reception in Layton.
So after we decided we all wanted to go do something but were all too lazy to change.
So we went to BOONDOCKS to minigolf all dressed up!
Even the people who were not originally at the reception dressed up for this joyous occasion.

Me, the mama and Anana
 Today was family day at church! My mama came up from Layton! :)
Once we got to my house.. we were all very tired and took a little rest on my little bed.
For now I must put all of that fun stuff on hold and study my life away because I have 3 tests coming up.
Anatomy, Physics and Abnormal Psychology.
Everyone should watch how they act around me... cause now that I am in Abnormal Psych I will be diagnosing all of you. I even now diagnose my self. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well now I have had the “true African” experience

On Monday I was feeling kind of sick in the morning…

Then later that afternoon I had a fever, body aches and chills

My first thought was…man I am going to die in Africa.


Not really but I really did not want to go to the hospital here

So my house mother made me eat red red( fried plantains and some red sauce)

This by the way is not what you want when you are feeling sick

So of course I threw it up about an hour later

But hey that was okay because my fever broke after that!

And I felt good after that... for the most part

They still made me go to the hospital the next morning… and guess what they said?

You have malaria. (Hahaha its slightly funny)

That is the one thing I think all volunteers worry about getting the most

I am not too sure that I really have malaria

They seem to think anytime you are sick here it must be malaria

But they gave me antibiotics for it

And some for my bowel movements..

So now I will be taking 4 pills 3 times a day.

Whatever makes me better

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cape Coast & Kakum National Park

Soooo this past weekend/week was pretty awesome

I had lots of African food.
Went to Cape Coast Castle

We also watched these guys pull in a huge net of fish just outside the castle

This is what Obama laid down in the castle... oh my gosh how they love obama here
They have Obama underwear, hotels, water and shirts everywhere.
Fishing area...

Ate at a resturaunt on the beach

Got chased by a little boy holding a creepy looking snake
Cut open my heel. Genius

Pet a wild crocodile while a lady kept it at bay with a stick

Went on an awesome canopy walk through the rain forest
yeah pretty freaking awesome
it was a rope bridge suspended between seven trees 30-40 meters high

I travel with lots of people from other countries.
Japan, Australia, Korea, Scottland, Canada, England, Germany and Russia
All awesome people!

I bought oranges from this cute little girl

And just so all of you know... GHANA won their last World Cup GAME!
Everyone was running out of their houses screaming their heads off.
PRetty hilarious. They started parades
 and some had painted themselves

So we got stuck in a spot bar because of a rain storm...
Everyone got a little tipsy and started dancing with the Ghanaians
while the Japanese guy (speaks no english)
was playing the drums and another guy shaking a maraca of some sort
pretty dang fun!
YUP! the the African girls taught us dances...

This is my host mom...
These are the girls that work at the hospital with me!

Here is a random picture of a stream I walk over every day

This weekend I am leaving at about 3 in the morning on Friday to go on a
13 hour tro adventure to Mole National Park
We will be going on a Safari, and staying at a hotel that has balconys over looking a watering hole
Where elephants and other animals will be!
They say that you wake up with baboons on your balcony...
Rafiki I am going to find you.