Thursday, February 10, 2011

So I guess its blogging time again.

So I live in the Ivy house with 7 girls.
One lives in the back half of our living room.
The house is constantly freezing cold.
Sometimes late at night you can hear us screaming about nonsense like the bachelor..
or you can hear us singing to Celine Dion

 This is Ashley.
She has curly hair and is studying photography.
She is in love with cookies and Kevin.
And we can say anything we want to each other without feeling stupid
love her

This is Jessica Sweat.
She loves finding funny videos on youtube.
She loves photography.
Hearing her mischievous giggle can make anyone laugh. I love it.
Love her.
 This is Haley Jeanne Austin
She sometimes goes by Sally.
She is engaged to Max who also goes by Bobby.
We eat cereal for breakfast together and make a noise for every bite we take.
We are five years old.
Love her
This is Laura Luke.
She is known as the business building girl.
She loves to eat string cheese.
We can go to dance parties and dance crazy together without a care. 
Love her.

This is Katie Jo Parker.
She is from Ririe, Idaho where she lived on a tree farm.
She is a hospice nurse... she may have more elderly friends than young.
We have three classes together its the best to have a roommate in three classes. I will miss her while she's on her mission.
Love her.
This is Kailey Jean Larsen.
She was in Taiwan for the past 6 months.
She dances like no one is watching... even though everyone is watching.
We do ridiculous pranks together from Mona to boxing, we have fun.
Love her.

These are my roommates!
They are so great.